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2010 Product Pricing

Elkhart to hold pricing to 2009 level

Elkhart, IN, January 12, 2010 — Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Co., Inc. announced today that Elkhart’s 2010 product pricing will remain at the 2009 level. The 2009 price list will be updated to reflect new product offerings, but will not contain any price increases.

“We listen to our customers when developing new products, and this situation is no different. We heard how our friends and colleagues were suffering through this economic downturn and are doing what we can to stand with them,” notes Scott Warbritton, Director of Sales — U.S. Municipal Market. “I’m proud that Elkhart Brass, as a company, can be a good corporate citizen to the U.S. economy and partner with our dealers and customers in these tough times.”

Updates to the 2010 price list will include: the new Sidewinder EXM product line, several new Unibody actuators and accessories, the oscillating 3890 nozzle, plus several other product additions. Elkhart’s most recent price list and catalog are always available electronically through the Elkhart Brass website,

“This economy has been turbulent at best and disastrous for some,” states Dominick Monico, Vice-President of Sales and Business Development. “Elkhart has been fortunate in that our on-going cost containment strategies will allow us to maintain our 2009 price structure through at least mid-2010 - barring unusual swings in the raw materials market - while still maintaining the same level of product quality and innovation our customers expect.”

Posted: Jan. 12, 2010