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Elkhart Offers Up to $1,000 Credit with Purchase of R.A.M

Elkhart Brass is offering up to a $1,000 credit with the purchase of a Rapid Attack Monitor (R.A.M.) package which includes a truck storage mounting bracket and a Rapid Attack Nozzle (R.A.N) with built-in stream shaper. The R.A.M. can be set up by a single firefighter, deliver 500 GPM on a fire, and safely stay right where you need it…even without an operator.

Customers who order the R.A.M package between August 1 and October 31st are eligible to receive a $500 credit toward future Elkhart Brass products. Or, customers who order the R.A.M package and turn in an old functioning ground monitor (certain models apply) will receive $1,000. The credit can be used toward any Elkhart Brass product. To be eligible to receive the credit, customers must register the monitor by December 31, 2013.

The R.A.M. has a patent-pending hydraulic stability system that directs the reaction force downward to stabilize it. And with the largest footprint in its class, its four fold-out, forged aluminum legs hold it securely in place.

Safety and Stability
• Easy deployment — Can be stored pre-connected, and a lock pin holds the valve closed so a single firefighter can carry it attached to a charged line and set it up easily.
• Hydraulic stability system —Reaction force holds monitor safely in place so you don’t have to.
• Fold-out legs — Four legs, not just three — are made from forged aluminum with carbide-tipped ground spikes to anchor it securely. Rear spikes are angled to give tips superior grip.
• Active safety system — If you lose your grip, the R.A.M. automatically raises to increase down force to push it downward instead of back at you

“The R.A.M. is the premium portable monitor for the firefighting industry,” said Eric Combs, Elkhart Brass marketing director. “Delivering ultimate stability, mobility and efficiency, firefighters can launch their exterior attack with the R.A.M and leave it unmanned while they focus on attacking the fire from another direction, providing superior safety.”

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Posted: Aug. 1, 2013

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