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New Scorpion™ EXM and HERO Pipe Headline New Products on Display at Booths #9225 and #9549

Elkhart, Ind. (March 24, 2011) Elkhart Brass will showcase several new products at the 2011 FDIC Show March 24-26 in Indianapolis with two totally redesigned displays — one incorporating a two-story structure for demonstrations.

The Scorpion EXM and HERO Pipe lead the new product introductions. The company is also premiering the SM500E automatic nozzle and the new Model 105A High-rise Elbow.
Elkhart Chief Operating Officer Don Sjolin says the company developed the display to provide firefighters with a more realistic and visually compelling demonstration of the capabilities of its featured products. “Our goal at Elkhart Brass is to provide innovative solutions to our customers that enable them to do their jobs more safely, effectively and efficiently,” says Sjolin. “Our new displays were designed to provide our customers with a better way to experience our products at the show. For example, we have created a two-story structure to demonstrate the capabilities of the HERO Pipe high-rise system.”

Elkhart’s new HERO Pipe is the first viable solution for high-rise fires that are beyond the reach of ladder trucks. HERO Pipe works from the exterior of virtually any building and delivers a high volume of water at the point of attack from the floor below. Incorporated with Elkhart’s Sidewinder™ EXM for targeting streams by remote control, this new system provides a safe and effective solution for urban firefighters.

Another featured product is the new Scorpion EXM monitor. Scorpion EXM is the company’s second monitor to incorporate the EXM operating system. Designed for fire apparatus, AARF, military and de-icing vehicles, the Scorpion EXM is a high-tech, high-flow monitor that can be integrated with other truck systems for unprecedented control. It features exceptional flow efficiency up to 3000 GPM and a durable design with NEMA 6 (full submersion) fully sealed electronics.

The company’s new SM500E is the newest member of Elkhart’s X-Stream Master Stream nozzle family. Engineered to work exceptionally well in flow-rate applications of the Sidewinder EXM (flow range 350-1000 GPM), this nozzle automatically adjusts to maintain an effective stream and maximum reach at variable or reduced flows, providing the flexibility to adapt to changing conditions or situations.

Recognizing the value of a lightweight and compact high-rise elbow, Elkhart has produced the new Model 105A. The new high-rise elbow has an integrated Model 114 drain valve. This combination helps relieve pressure from traditional high-rise set-ups, and the 30-degree elbow all but eliminates hose kinking from the standpipe valve.

Other products Elkhart Brass is featuring at FDIC include:
-Sidewinder EXM compact, high-flow, electric remote-controlled water cannon
-6000 Series line of selectable-flow, electrically actuated master stream nozzles featuring an ultra-wide flow range with quick-turn and locking flow selector rings.
-R.A.M. portable monitor with hydraulic-stability system that harnesses reaction force to stabilizes the monitor.
-Unibody apparatus valves and UBEC electric valve controllers
-Solid Strike™ handline nozzle that allows the operator to vary GPM or reach without shutting down to change tip size.
-Flex Attack™ handline nozzle line specifically designed for CAF applications.
-Select-O-Matic® automatic handline nozzles that automatically adjust to fluctuating water flow to maintain effective pressure and a consistent fire stream in all flow ranges.
-DV10P compact, high-flow, electrically actuated dump valve built with a lightweight composite construction

A family-owned company since its founding in 1902, Elkhart Brass Mfg. Co., Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high-performance firefighting equipment. Elkhart Brass manufactures a wide range of products primarily for firefighting applications, including water cannons, nozzles, fireground appliances, foam eductors, apparatus valves and fittings, plus accessories for many of these components.

Posted: Mar. 24, 2011