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Product Presented as Solution for High-rise Fires Beyond Aerial Reach: Significant Savings of Life and Damage

Elkhart, Ind. (March 24, 2011) Elkhart Brass will introduce one of the latest additions to its product line — the HERO Pipe high-rise system — at FDIC in Indianapolis, Ind. Designed to address the unique challenges of fires in skyscrapers and tall buildings beyond the reach of ladder trucks, HERO Pipe enables firefighters to deliver a high volume of water at the point of attack from the exterior of the floor below.

Elkhart Brass has designed a special two-story building as part of its display at booth #9549 to demonstrate the operation of HERO Pipe at FDIC.

“This product is a real game-changer for high-rise fires,” says Don Sjolin, Elkhart Brass Chief Operation Officer. “HERO Pipe really is the first viable solution for fires that can’t be reached either from a ladder truck or an adjacent building. Enabling firefighters to neutralize incidents from the floor below poses far less risk to the team than a direct attack. We believe HERO Pipe will be a valuable addition to the arsenal of urban fire departments.”

In a fire-history analysis by Elkhart Brass, the estimated protection by deployment of HERO Pipe was significant. For example, Elkhart Brass analyzed a July 2009 fire in a 44-story London, England apartment building. In this fire that started on the 14th floor, 12 floors were gutted resulting in six civilian fatalities and multiple firefighter and civilian injuries as well as millions of dollars in property loss. With deployment of HERO Pipe, it is estimated that this fire would have been contained to one floor, resulting in no deaths or injuries and savings of millions of dollars.

An analysis of a December 2009 apartment fire in Chicago showed that the fire, started on the 36th floor of a 44-story building and burned uncontrolled for three hours and 35 minutes, would have been controlled in minutes and contained only to one floor. Projections after using the HERO Pipe in such a fire, which resulted in one civilian fatality, multiple firefighter and civilian injuries, and millions in damages, are no loss of life or injuries and a savings of millions of dollars.

HERO Pipe can be set up for action in as little as three minutes with a two-person team. Once the proper attack points have been determined, the aluminum manifold is secured to the exterior of the floor below the incident. The telescopic waterway is made of anodized aluminum and is capable of delivering large volumes of water. Combined with Elkhart’s Sidewinder™ EXM monitor, a targeted stream can be directed by remote control.

A family-owned company since its founding in 1902, Elkhart Brass Mfg. Co., Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high performance firefighting equipment. Elkhart Brass manufactures a wide range of products primarily for firefighting applications, including water cannons, nozzles, fireground appliances, foam eductors, apparatus valves and fittings, plus accessories for many of these components.

Posted: Mar. 24, 2011