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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I find a drawing?

A: All drawings may be found in both the individual product listing, under the Drawings button, as well as in the Downloads area for a list of all our drawings, grouped by product.

We have several types of drawings available:
- Configuration drawings for our nozzles or the electronics of our electric and RF monitors can help you determine your product needs.
- Dimensional drawings can be used to help determine if a product will work with your space.
- Parts drawings can be helpful in determining replacement or with repair issues. (If you need help with a repair, please contact our Repair Department.)
- Wiring drawings can help you with the specifics of how to install or wire our electric and RF monitors.

Given the ever-expanding nature of our Drawings area, if you know for which specific product you need a drawing, then we suggest looking under the individual product area to find the drawings available on that product only. Alternatively, if you know the model number of item, you can input the model number in our search bar to pull up a parts drawing of the model (if available.)

Question: A drawing is not listed on the web site or the drawings for that product family do not include the model I need.

A: Please e-mail your Customer Service Representative to request the specific drawing. If a drawing is available, the CSR will e-mail the drawing to you.

Question: I need to know flow (or reach).

A: We have performance documents available for many of our products available online under either the individual product listing (under Other Documents) or in the Performance Documents area.

If we do not list performance information for a product on the website, it is not currently available. Please contact your Sales Manager with any additional product performance questions.

Question: I want a catalog (or other literature).

A: To order literature, please go to our Request Literature area. You may request catalogs, brochures, posters or information CDs from there.

Question: ¿Dónde está la lista de precios (o la lista de precios de la piezas)?

La información sobre nuestros precios está disponible en formato electrónico en el Portal de Distribuidores. Actualmente, no es necesario un nombre de usuario ni una contraseña para acceder a la información.

Si desea una copia impresa de la lista de precios, por favor diríjase a la zona “Request Literature” (Solicitar documentación).

Si tiene preguntas sobre los esquemas de descuentos u otras dudas sobre precios, por favor, diríjase por correo electrónico a su Representante de Atención al Cliente.