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Company Directory

NameContact Information
Chris Albertson
Technical Solutions Specialist

Chad Anderson
Western Regional Sales Manager (Fire & EMS)

Brad Bay
Elkhart Brass Municipal Product Manager

Mitch Beaver
Middle East Regional Sales Manager (Industrial)

Jeffrey Benker
Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager (Fire & EMS)

John Bentley
Director of Industrial Technical Sales

Dennis Berry
OEM Account Sales Manager (Fire & EMS)

Mark Biernat
Canadian Independent Sales Representative (Fire & EMS)

Stephen Birch
Director of Sales - Elkhart Brass Europe

Tim Brumbaugh
Senior Technical Solutions Specialist

Matthew Butcher
Southern Regional Sales Manager (Fire & EMS)

Mike Cesarz
OEM Sales Manager

Keith Chard
Elkhart Brass OEM Product Manager

Dario Chernicoff
Director International Sales & Business Development, Industrial Business Unit

Mike Dupay
Divisional Vice President, Marketing

Bill Eletto
Northeast Regional Sales Manager (Fire & EMS)

Steve Falke
Senior Director of Industrial Sales

Marlene Grudzinski
US Emergency Customer Service Representative

Leanne Hankins
Senior Emergency Customer Service Coordinator

Jerry Herbst
Director of Municipal Markets - Elkhart Brass

Richard Hume
Regional Sales Manager for Asia and Pacific Rim (Fire & EMS)

Michelle Huss
Customer Service Representative

Dean Hutt
North Central Regional Sales Manager (Fire & EMS)

Ben Janowski
Event & Digital Media Coordinator

Jeanette Koppernagel
Customer Service Representative

Peter Luhrs
Divisional Vice President, Product Management

Chris Martin
Director of Product Marketing, Fire, EMS & Industrial Group

Steve Meekhof
Midwest Regional Sales Manager

Toh Meng
Sr. Vice President, Fire, EMS & Industrial

Khalid Naha
Europe, Middle East & Africa Regional Sales Manager (Fire & EMS)

Jim North
Corporate Commodity Manager

Nick Novotny
Industrial Product Manager - Elkhart Brass

Sean O'Connell
Divisional Vice President Finance

Matt Pitzer
Vice President of North American Sales - Fire, EMS & Industrial

Jeff Platt
Atlantic Regional Sales Manager (Fire & EMS)

Andy Plofkin
Director of North American Regional Sales - Fire, EMS Accounts

Bruce Quick
Marketing Coordinator

Kurtis Rood
OEM Sales

Rafael Rosa
North America, Central & South America, Caribbean, Industrial Sales Manager

Elizabeth Rossow
International Industrial Customer Service Representative

Judy Rudhman
Customer Service Manager

Brian Scott
Western Municipal Product Specialist (Independent)

Chris Thwaits
Southeast Regional Sales Manager (Fire & EMS)

Troy Turley
Director of Information Systems

Jason Warbritton
Sr. Director of Military & Federal Sales (Fire & EMS)

Leah Whisler

Jason Witmier
Director of OEM & Technical Sales